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The Gila Monster
Habitat of Gila Monster
Food and Diet
Current Event

The Reproduction of Gila Monsters

Gila monsters tend to mate in the early summer. Males typically flick their tongue to search for the female's scent. A female may object to amale, and in this case she tends to bite him and crawl away. The female lays her eggs in July or August. She buries them about 5 inches below the surface. The clutch usually consists of five eggs, but may be as large as thirteen eggs. These eggs are oval in shape and have a leathery feel to them. When th sun heats the sand, the sand in turn heats the eggs, which creates a process of incubation. The process of incubation lasts about ten to twelve months. The eggs are incubated over the winter season. The hatchlings appear during the period of April to June.


The young Gila monsters have the same brightly patterned black, orange, yellow, and pink skin as the adults. They are typically about 4 inches in length at the time of hatching. Gila monsters have a life span of up to 20 years.